Facebook gets more personal with “Live” while Instagram is doing the opposite.

How to engage users & implement Facebook Live into your social strategy.

What I find so exciting about Social Media is that it never stands still. The channels are changing their strategies and launching new tools, which influences the user’s experience and usage of the platforms and makes it necessary but also opens so many new doors for brands to evolve their social media strategy and think about new ways of getting their audiences involved and engaged.

Over the last years, Instagram has become a very personal platform, where people spend a lot of their time on.
Instagram’s feed is/was a real-time, choose-your-own-adventure track, where people escaped to while Facebook turned into a marketing machine.

Now Instagram might be changing the route.

Instagram announced to be changing its algorithm. Instagram’s CEO, Kevin Systrom wrote, “You may be surprised to learn that people miss on average 70 % of their feeds. This means you often don’t see the posts you might care about the most.” “To improve your experience,” he continued, “your feed will soon be ordered to show the moments we believe you will care about the most.”

How the algorithm will effect how brands interact with followers is yet to be seen, but brands will have to evolve their social strategy to keep up with changes to the platform.
Brands will need to engage their followers more and approach them on a more human level in order to stay at the top of their feeds, and probably work harder for their attention.

On the other side of the social media world, Facebook has been opening „Live Broadcast“ to any brand and individual in Europe (in 2015 Facebook video and Live were only available to celebrities).

Facebook Live enables users and brands to share experiences and opinions in real time and lets them engage in real-time. Facebook has seen that on average people will watch a video more than three times longer if it’s live, compared to when it is not. Which might be the best reason for you to start using the Live option.


To start using Facebook Live, simply click “What’s on your mind?” or the “Publish” icon on your “Facebook Pages” App on the top of your News Feed/Profile Page. Select the Live Video icon.



  1. Have a focus.
    There should be a reason and strategy behind you going “Live”. Whether you’re answering questions, showcasing how to use a new product, or giving a sneak peek, your audience should understand what the broadcast will be about. An engaging and compelling title is a useful tool for getting people excited and tune in.
  2. Announce what and when you’ll be using Facebook Live to build excitement and letting people know when to join you.
  3. Mention people and fans who are watching in real-time.
    The more involved you make people feel, the stronger the sense of community you build, and the more likely people are to stick around.
  4. Try different length and times.
    Facebook recommends going live for at least five minutes. See what your audience likes and give your audience the opportunity to discover you. Also try going live at different times to see when most of your audience is around.


Be as creative as you can.

Behind the scenes. If you’re a fashion or jewelry brand take fans on a tour through your atelier, showroom or factory and/or show them how you create the product.
If you’re a restaurant owner, show people some live cooking tips with your chef.

Q&As. Pick a day and time and let your followers know you’ll be live to answer their questions. Ideally you would do this regularly.

Product demos. Show unboxing videos or new uses for your products. For instance if you’re a fashion brand show outfit combinations or creative ways of wearing a certain piece (e.g. how to wear your scarf as a headband). As with all video, you want to be having fun as you do demos, so your audience has fun too.

End with a call to action. Live video can be an integral part of your social media marketing, so make the most of it by directing your audience to a specific place. Include a simple call to action at the end of your video, such as to visit your website or private message you for more information on the topic.


Facebook is generally becoming quite fabricated. With Facebook Live you have the possibility to put a human and personal touch to your brand on Facebook.
You can see the number of live viewers, the names of people tuning in, and you can respond and talk to them in real-time. This is probably the closest you can currently get to your Facebook audience and shows there’s not a machine behind your page.

Curious optimist currently designing culture and community programs + tools at Dropbox. Writing about community, future of work and out of office culture.

Curious optimist currently designing culture and community programs + tools at Dropbox. Writing about community, future of work and out of office culture.