Every entrepreneur I know is afraid to fail.

It’s human nature.


When we are starting a new project, we are going out of our comfort zone and feel scared. Our ego and identity become wrapped up in what we are doing. Not just because we don’t want to fail, or lose some time or money, but because we don’t want to leave a bad impression in front of other people.

A couple of weeks ago, I visited a student film festival in Berlin, called Sehsuechte Film Festival. It’s organised by the students of the Filmuniverity Babelsberg. As a film student or young filmmaker, you don’t have it easy. There are many artists around the world bringing out new films and projects, who get massive fundings by the state or some private investors. Making a film takes quite a lot of time, work and money, so as a young film maker, you need to find a way of getting attention and funding.

One ways is crowdfunding. BUT how do you get people to fund a project, that they have never heard of?

You need to put yourself out there!

First rule: It’s not a bad thing to put yourself out there!

This brings us back to the fear of failing. Many people who want to start a new project are scared to tell the public or even their friends about what they are working on. “It could be embarrassing if the outcome is not as good as you wanted it to be”, a student said. But in the end, that’s not what counts.

What really does matter, is to get people excited about your project and make them tell their friends about it and get to know your story. And if then, your project fails, who cares, you admit it and work on the next one. No one expects you to be perfect.

Tell them your story, involve them in your working process, show them what you are working on, involve them in your project by asking their opinion and maybe even let them make decisions about next steps or details.

This will make people feel part of your adventure, make them excited and will motivate them to support you and will more likely make them fund your project.

So when you start working on your project, think about this and keep these inspiring words by Emily Best, Founder of crowdfunding platform Seed&Spark in your head: “Artists and entrepreneurs should be more like scientists! The first two are scared to fail, scientists are excited and asking themselves why things didn’t work and that they can take out of it.”

A Brand & Community Strategist between NYC + Vienna, currently Design Program Manager at @Dropbox.Design. Writing about community, work and anti-hustle culture.

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