Alice Katter

Nov 13, 2015

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CreativeMornings Vienna: Building a community with online channels & offline events

photo by Victoria Koller

CreativeMornings is a breakfast lecture series for the creative community.

Attendees gather in cities around the world to enjoy fresh coffee, breakfast and friendly people. Volunteer teams organise local chapters that not only celebrate a city’s creative talent, but also promote an open space to connect with like-minded individuals.

Worldwide there are by now 129 chapters with thousands of people being part of this community.

Today, we celebrated our 19th CreativeMornings event in Vienna, with our monthly theme WORK.

The CreativeMornings community is full of people and projects who are putting in work; the good work, the hard work, the unpopular work, all this to improve our communities.

WORK is not always just related to our job. If we are passionate about something, we are also motivated to put work into something that might not pay the bills, but something that we enjoy, brings us further on a personal level and to where we see ourselves in the future.

If you do something you enjoy, it’s also hard to say what’s WORK and what’s free time. It’s two overlapping circles.

For me, CreativeMornings is this overlapping area of the two circles.

What I love so much and excites me about CreativeMornings, is the format and the possibility to tie together online and offline world — globally and locally and build a community around that.

The global community, which is connected via an online platform and social media channels, enables members to get in touch with people, who all have a common interest: to connect with likeminded others, get inspired, gain new perspectives or learn something.

On the other hand, there is the local aspect of CreativeMornings. Every local chapter has its own online channels but is also hosting monthly local events.

These events are important for building such a strong community. They enable people to meet likeminded others, who live in the same area in real life; some of which they might have “met” online before and had a conversation with on social.

The community would not be as strong as it is now, if there was no offline aspect to it as the events are a way to empower social conversations.
They give our community the opportunity to connect and give them something to talk about, related to CreativeMornings.

To connect the online and offline worlds, we put a strong focus on making sure that social is integrated into our event communications strategy and focuses on the community and user experience.

photo by Victoria Koller

The core of designing a social event was to understand how we can adapt and build our content suiting to our audience.

We thought about what content would be relevant for our audience before, during and after the event and found out what content works for us.

We observed where people are sharing, what they are sharing and thought about the reasons why people want to share content.

The most important thing was to get people to have the social power and make sharing easy.

photo by Victoria Koller

Every month we design social content based on what content works e.g. a video that gives more than just the usual insights, a view behind the scenes, community and team features etc.

The more we understand the people, the more sharable content we give them and the more we take away the barriers for them to share, the more they will share.

In order to facilitate sharing we created a hashtag and put that hashtag everywhere visible and everywhere people are thinking about sharing, for instance the breakfast or our slides.

By uploading images on Facebook after every event, we are giving away high-res content for free and let people use this content and/or tag themselves on it.

We tweet and post real-time content on Instagram to build up personal relationships with our community at the events and motivate them to share and talk about our events online.
The more we interact with people the more people are doing the talking for us as well.

With these online activities and socially amplified events, that involve and strengthen the community, we by now built a community of more than 4.000 people, and it’s continuously growing.

If you are in Vienna the next time, join us for one of our CreativeMornings Vienna events and experience the spirit of our community yourself! Just drop me a mail:

Until then, you can also get some inspiration on the CreativeMornings platform and watch the latest talks:

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