One of the things I miss most since our lives changed with the pandemic is “discovery”: those “random” encounters and moments of serendipity (which, as it turns out, are not so random after all) that were connected to travel, exploring and working from different places, attending events and bumping into people on the street.

Working from a cafe and hearing a stranger at the table next to you talking about something you’re currently reading, and opening up the conversation only to find out you both used to live in the same area of a different city. Or having the colleague…

Strategy, content and community are where I do my best work. I’ve spent my career building brands and creating experiences on- and offline, from launching the first community for mind sports with Red Bull, to rebuilding Uber Austria’s social ecosystem and producing an award-winning storytelling campaign, shaping the creative community events from Working Not Working and developing a community & members program for Brooklyn-based co-working space The New York Project.

My approach is to dive into communities and culture, conducting cultural research and help brands develop strategies to find ways to communicate with their audiences and communities via the platforms…

With summer just around the corner and for many of us, myself included, COVID still nagging at our work situation, we find ourselves with more free time and might have realized a need for more solid rest.

With today’s newsletter, I would like to explore downtime as being key to becoming a better creative self.

As we live in a time where busyness is seen as a badge of honor, downtime — time spent on leisure activities and hobbies — can often seem like a forgotten or ignored concept.

“We mistake leisure for idleness, and work for creativity. Of course…

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and a reminder of the importance of taking care of ourselves and developing healthier relationships with ourselves and others.

I’ve spent my career building communities and creating experiences on- and offline. Over the past weeks, I have been focussing on bringing people together, to see how we can virtually support each other and at the same time build a thought platform, conversations and explore ideas for new ways of working, work culture and work/life balance. …

Learnings from our new work-life

COVID-19 is a modern catastrophe unlike any other. We are in lockdown trying to figure out how to manage both our personal and professional lives and uncertainty. Finding opportunities to give and receive support have been particularly important during this time.

Over the past few weeks, my friend Terry and I have been virtually gathering a group of people - those who are working and those who are not.
Our purpose has been to connect, inspire, co-work and collaborate in times of isolation and talk about quarantine life, and staying creative and sane while staying home.

Last week, we discussed…

COVID-19 is the biggest disaster of our generation. But it is also a wake-up call for many industries. As traditional business and real-estate models collapse, a lot of companies are being forced to rethink their approaches.

Companies will need to think about new ways of creating long-lasting customer relationships and move away from one-off purchases or “space for money” models, such as booking a hotel room, desk or meeting room for a day. On the other side, consumers will be looking for different experiences than before.

Here is what will make the difference: Communities and, with them, access to like-minded people will be more important than ever.

A community starts with human beings with a similar passion or purpose, who want…

Tips for your remote working journey, hopefully even after the COVID-19

52% of employees around the world work remotely at least once per week, and 68% work remotely at least once per month 🙏🏽 🖥️ 💪 This is according to the Global State of Remote Work Report.

And remote work is popular with employees. A study by Owl Labs revealed “34% of U.S. workers would take a pay cut of up to 5% in order to work remotely.”

Although it looks as if high percentages of staffers work remotely, as recently as 2018 44% of global companies didn’t allow any…

How you make more time for play in your life and why you should set this as a priority.

For many, spending time on hobbies sounds like a waste of time.
But it is actually an investment in our happiness. ⁠
Extracurricular activities and “playtime” can be a way to develop new skills, experiment, meet new people and communities or decompress.⁠

As children, we picked up play naturally and instinctively. But during school, we are introduced to the idea that play is trivial and a waste of time.
The idea that play is trivial even becomes more ingrained as we enter the workspace. Not only do far too few companies foster play, many unintentionally undermine it.

Play, which is…

Launching a new platform and newsletter for the way Millennials work & play today.

With our always-on-hustle culture, we often get stuck at our desks (👩‍💻🥗) thinking we are too busy to take a break or do anything outside work.

But spending all our time in front of our laptops, stuck in an office all day long, doesn’t help us be more creative.

It‘s the time we spend outside of the office, get fully engaged in a passion, a hobby, travel and meet new people that we are opening ourselves up to new ideas, moments of serendipity, daydreaming and imaging!

As we live in a time where busyness is seen as a badge of…

As strategists, freelancers, business owners, marketers and everyone else, it’s key to understand cultural shifts as they impact brands and consumer behaviors.

This week, I had the opportunity to present five socially led trends at “General Assembly” in NYC.

Being a strategist with a background in social and consumer psychology, every year I create a sum-up of the key points for an understanding of the consumer of today. …

Alice Katter

A Brand & Community Strategist between NYC + Vienna, currently Design Program Manager at @Dropbox.Design. Writing about community, work and anti-hustle culture.

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